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The Horowitz Medical Law Group

Daniel Horowitz leads the Horowitz Medical Law Group. Daniel is nationally recognized as Top 100 Trial Lawyer whose high profile clients include Michael Savage of the “Savage Nation“, author Terry McMillan, actor Al Pacino and many others. His work as a physician advocate includes high profile trial victories and the San Francisco Chronicle front page cases involving Dr. Alicia Kalamas and the AIlee Jong vs. John Muir Health PICU case.

Oksana Tyskova is our physician immigration lawyer. She is the contract immigrtation attorney for the Marin County Conflict Panel. The daughter of two physicians, Oksana understands the importance of completing your education, residency, fellowships and full integration into the U.S. medical community. She is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.

Featuring Dr. Mark Ravis jointly a physician and lawyer in Southern California.

Former Top Prosecutor Tom Kensok of Napa, California brings his trial expertise and 30 years of experience with law enforcement to the defense of physicians.

Attorney Karina Johnson our medical credentialing attorney also reviews physician contracts and business opportunities. In case of divorce, Karina can manage the asset division so that your practice is protected. (Karina was formerly an attorney with Physician’s Advocates in Walnut Creek, California.)

We combine the best physician lawyers with the strongest team of top professionals all skilled in diverse areas of medical license and physician defense.

Physician Lawyer Mark Ravis maintains his office in Orange County. Tom Kensok’s main office is in Napa, California. The Horowitz office is located in Lafayette, California.

Cases in Washington State are handled with attorney Anne Bremner. New York cases are handled with Martin Garbus. Oksana Tyskova of the Horowitz Medical Group is licensed in California and Washington D.C..

Full time onsite team members include a licensed chiropractor / law school graduate, MBA, RIA and Real Estate Broker.

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Lawyers Taking Care of Doctors

Your career has been dedicated to taking care of patients – Let our Physician Lawyers take care of you!

Our physician lawyers focus on your needs. The best lawyer is one who combines exceptional skills with a complete understanding of your goals and your needs. Our representation is a partnership. We share strategy, choices and assess risks and benefits collaboratively. You, the doctor maintain control of your future. Our legal team features legendary attorney and legal commentator Daniel Horowitz, Dr. Mark Ravis (MD/JD) and a team of trial lawyers and seasoned paralegals who focus their practice on the defense of doctors.

Daniel Horowitz is our lead attorney and his practice has included some of the highest profile medical, criminal and celebrity cases in the past several decades. He represents talk show host and podcaster Michael Savage. His lawsuits against John Muir Hospital have lead to Congressional inquiries seeking explanations for multiple child deaths. Daniel was prominent during the early days of COVID vaccinations as physicians were being targeted for improper allocations and extending precious vaccine material to increase dosage per vial. In each case, the Horowitz Medical Group protected our doctor’s reputations and their licenses. We recognize and respect the sacrifices that you made to earn your license.

Recent Successes

Our legal teams have had many recent successful defenses of medical professionals. In 2022 we had a filed Accusation dismissed and all records of the filing removed. We prevented numerous license suspensions and negotiated multiple cases to treatment and diversion rather than public sanction. Our lawsuits on behalf of physicians and patients have made the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle twice in 2022. Our victories include the complete vindication of doctor Rebecca Parish as we proved that only the severely ill and elderly received vaccinations at her FREE COVID clinic. We argued for FDA emergency exceptions for vaccine clinic doctors that got extra doses from overfilled vials and gave them without cost to persons in need. Dr. Judson Brandeis received over $ 1.5 million dollars from Diablo Valley Oncology & Hematology and Pacific Urology as the judge found intentional wrongdoing on the part of one of the Pacific Urology doctors and a staff member. In another case a doctor whose legal matters had gone on for over 6 years resolved these matters within months of hiring Daniel Horowitz.

Team Formation

Medical license defense requires a team of lawyers led by a trial lawyer. The peer review process or medical board are not places for the general practitioner. You need a lawyer and a legal team that is honed to that specific area of representation. For contested hearings in courtrooms, at administrative hearings or in board or peer review matters we can provide you with lawyers who have spent years of their lives physically in courtrooms.

Our team is deep. We bring to your case a physician lawyer, an MBA, former U.S. Attorney investigator, former top prosectors and other team members with special expertise. We form teams where each member contributes a unique skill set. Beware the contract lawyer who “also” handles medical board matters. He/she is usually not the best lawyer for a case requiring years of experience and specialized skills. Likewise, we will honestly tell you when we are not the best lawyer for your needs. We can often refer you to someone who is a better fit.

Doctors Charged with Crimes or Facing a Messy Divorce

For criminal cases, high conflict divorce or other matters that can spill over to threaten your license, our team is well suited. We can move between the state courts and the medical board or hospital to mitigate the harms from DUI arrests, DV claims and other allegations of misconduct. In all instances we custom select lawyers, investigators and paralegals with a depth of experience in your area. We have excellent relationships with experts and expert witnesses who respect our work and often preferentially agree to work on cases with us.

Karina Johnson has represented physicians in divorce actions for many years and she is expert in protecting your practice and professional growth. Karina Johnson was formerly with Physicians Advocates in Walnut Creek, California and now has her own practice.

How the Horowitz Medical Group Approaches a Case

We can work quickly. We understand that a completely unfounded – 15 day summary suspension can lead to medical board investigation(s) that last for months. The medical board investigations can continue even if the suspension is reversed. As physician lawyers we understand your needs and your vulnerabilities. We truly understand. Remember, the Medical Board is controlled by a group of political appointees and the DCA. (Learn More) To negotiate with these groups it is critical to understand their interests and priorities. Our expertise covers trial law, medicine and the nuances of medical legal practice. The Horowitz Medical Law group is rare in having expertise in all three areas. We are always tactical. We are always strategically oriented. We look many moves ahead. We balance what can be achieved with a combative approach and what is in your best long term interest.

For a fast response call our office at (925) 283-1863. You will reach a real person who is physically in our office. Or fill out our confidential physician contact form below and we will contact you very quickly.

Daniel Horowitz Horowitz Medical Group

Top Rated Nationally

Daniel Horowitz is a Top Rated lawyer with many recognized awards and achievements. He is top rated “10” by AVVO & “AV” by Martindale Hubbell, a Top 100 Lawyer with the National Trial Lawyers, A Top 1% Attorney with the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. He is a Thomson-Reuters “Super Lawyer”. Daniel has been a regular legal commentator for CNN, MSNBC and a regular guest on “The Savage Nation” and the Nancy Grace show.

Criminal Charges? Daniel Horowitz is Board Certified as a Criminal Defense Specialist

For cases involving criminal allegations (or that potential), Daniel is rare among physician lawyers in being a Certified Specialist in Criminal Defense (State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization). Only approximately 300 lawyers in all of California have achieved that specialist designation.

The Best Qualified Medical Attorneys

Daniel Horowitz is a member of the American Health Law Association, California Society for Healthcare Attorneys and the California Academy of Attorneys for Health Care Professionals. He is admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States and the Supreme Court of California. As an experienced lawyer for doctors, Daniel Horowitz weaves standard law into nuanced doctor focused concerns.

Our attorneys have argued in the state and federal courts of appeal, United States Supreme Court and even internationally in courtrooms in Cyprus, Israel, Canada and The Netherlands.

We understand that domestic disputes, divorce filings, DUI arrests, disgruntled employees and simple professional disagreements can result in license suspension, peer review and other MD specific consequences. We understand how quickly medical office matters can spin wildly out of control. We are problem solvers and crisis management experts. We have been there – many times !

Daniel’s practice focuses on defending medical doctors in license actions, medical board investigations, peer review investigations and hearings. His results have been excellent as his online reviews clearly reflect. Daniel’s CV can be seen HERE. His Wikipedia page can be seen HERE. His Medical Board License Defense Page is HERE.

Daniel Horowitz’ experience is valuable to you as a client. His experience and that of his legal team, provides you with viable options and choices.

A Reputation for Honesty and Strong Advocacy

The Horowitz law office lawyers are not “just” a negotiation lawyers and “just” trial lawyers. Their experience and credentials allow serious and good faith negotiation to resolve most matters. The team’s trial experience (hundreds of trials and thousands of hearings) allows you a highly credible defense in any courtroom or administrative hearing. We have regularly interfaced with the Deputy Attorney Generals at the Department of Consumer Affairs who control much of the license review and medical hearing process.

At our core, we look for our legal team and attorneys to bond with you on a fundamental, personal level. Each step we take and all strategy is done with your approval and understanding of the risks and benefits.

Team Member Experts

Daniel Horowitz has an established team of physician-lawyers, attorneys, paralegals and investigators. This team will help you navigate the peer review or medical board process. You are the focus. We understand and address your individual needs. In every case, Daniel Horowitz will personally meet with you and keep in regular contact. All team members are experienced in physician defense. You will never see an untrained associate reinvent the wheel at your expense.

Our legal team members include a physician/lawyer (Mark Ravis, M.D.), former Naval Intelligence officer (retired), criminal defense specialists (Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization), an MBA, an RIA, and a licensed chiropractor/law school graduate. We have litigated complex Stark law cases, AKS (Anti Kickback Statute cases, employment and partner disputes and hundreds of hearings before administrative law and superior court judges. Our criminal defense experience allows us to effectively interface with the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Attorney General’s office. These entities control the Medical Board in conjunction with board’s political appointees. To understand how the Attorney General directs the board, click HERE. We suggest that you carefully review our medical board experience, criminal defense experience, work for malpractice insurance companies and trial experience in deciding which lawyers can best represent you.

Recent Victories

Recent medical cases include the successful defense of a vaccine clinic whose doctor was investigated for directing extra doses to Seniors in need, a verdict of $ 1.7 million dollars in favor of a Board Certified Urologist who was unjustly targeted by his medical group as he resisted a takeover by corporate interests, a dismissal of a filed Accusation, the termination of an active Medical Board Investigation, and a “no file” of criminal charges when a medical office was raided and records seized.

Note: No ethical lawyer can “guarantee” a result. We can “guarantee” that we care deeply about our clients and we will honestly and vigorously defend you.

Court Admissions

Daniel Horowitz is admitted to practice in the State of California and is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and United States District Courts in numerous jurisdictions. He appears in administrative law courts and at peer review hearings throughout the United States. We have established relationships with high level attorneys in many states including Texas, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

Daniel Horowitz has appeared in federal courts nationwide and is admitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

International Legal Work

Daniel Horowitz has appeared in courtrooms in The Netherlands, Israel, Canada, and Cyprus. He has taken depositions in China and Ukraine. His international cases include representation of former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Lazarenko, an American businessman charged with crimes committed in China, representation of a U.S. corporation in Ukraine and Russia. These cases had Horowitz traveling internationally and negotiating resolutions with high ranking government officials, mobsters and business people in these countries.

Academic – Publishing

Daniel Horowitz is a teacher to both lawyers and law students. He regularly lectures to attorney groups and publishes in legal journals. He is a continuing education instructor and a prior law school and college instructor. Horowitz is a lecturer to criminal defense lawyers who are preparing for the criminal specialist examination in California. He has lectured at the CPDA/CACJ death penalty college in Monterey. Publications include the CEB Real Property Reporter, Alameda-Contra Costa County Trial Lawyers Journal, CPDA Magazine and other national and local bar journals.

Top National Ratings

Daniel Horowitz is nationally known as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. He is recognized as a California “Super Lawyer”. Few attorneys in the nation have taken as many high complexity cases to jury trial. Daniel has been lead counsel in 1000’s of contested hearings and lead counsel in over 200 jury trials. If you need surgery you select an experienced surgeon. No amount of paper experience compensates for inexperience in the OR. Daniel’s trial experience and national recognition make all the difference when you are in a courtroom. Objections in court must be made within 1/2 a second or it is often too late. Years of trials allows Daniel to anticipate issues and problems so that the solution is at his fingertips. Trial experience for a medical board case translates into negotiation power. Opponents can understand your position and Daniel can meet, confer and negotiate a fair resolution. You can negotiate without “losing face” because Daniel’s trial reputation precedes him. You have the assurance that if negotiation fails you are not bluffing. Daniel can still make your case in court. Daniel’s trials include defense of medical fraud, medical employment law, personal injury and wrongful death. His criminal cases include 8 death penalty trials and over 40 murder trials. To learn more about Daniel Horowitz’ extensive experience in healthcare criminal law matters view our WhiteCollar website.

One final comment. Disbelief or hope are not your friends. While you are inactive – hoping for the best, your opponents are active. They are preparing their case. Medical board, peer review and criminal cases do not go away on their own. They get worse even though you may be unaware of the progression of the problem. We phrased that last sentence to deliberately mirror a medical situation so that you understand our point. We understand that money spent on attorneys is a waste in the sense that it does not feed your family or build your practice. However, you have no choice and delay with false hope makes matters worse. Medical malpractice policies often provide some coverage for medical board matters. We can help you with coverage requests.

Call our California medical license lawyers at (925) 283-1863.

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