Compassion Wins over Hate !

Dr. Rebecca Parish ran the Stanley Vaccination Clinic

Dr. Parish was WRONGLY ACCUSED by another doctor of giving vaccinations to unqualified people. (See Executive Summary Published by KRON 4 News)

In truth, Dr. Parish gave vaccinations to people in great need. Quadrapalegics, the elderly, the poor and she gave left over shots at the end of the day to people in order of age. Elderly first.

Daniel Horowitz defended Dr. Parish whose 100% volunteer clinic served over 650 people at the heart of the COVID epidemic. While you could say that “no good deed goes unpunished”, Dr. Parish’s unselfish dedication saved lives at a time when COVID vaccines were languishing in warehouses and lives were at risk.

Despite this an unfounded attack was launched against Dr. Parish. SHE HAS NOW BEEN VINDICATED !

A Medical Board Investigation has ended with her record 100% cleared!