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When the Scott Peterson trial grabbed the nation’s headlines, Horowitz was recruited by CNN and MSNBC to be a legal commentator on the case. He was a regular on the Nancy Grace show and on the Abrams Report. Post Verdict he was interviewed about the Peterson case on Larry King’s CNN Larry King Live and all major networks.  When Nancy Grace got her show on HLN, Horowitz was a guest four of the first five shows and he was a regular on the program until it went off the air.  You will still see Horowitz as a regular commentator for Associated Press, Television News, and on the Savage Nation radio show.

Michael Jackson Trial – Legal Commentary

When Michael Jackson was on trial in Santa Maria, California, Horowitz was there, covering the case as a legal commentator for MSNBC. His “mock” closing argument done for the Abrams Report, can still be found on line.

Ailee Jong was killed at John Muir Hospital (John Muir Health) in Walnut Creek. We represent the family. Click Ailee’s photo for the San Francisco Chronicle video about her life, her family and her tragic death.

Ailee Jong Death News Story in San Francisco Chronicle – Horowitz is suing John Muir Hospital (John Muir Health)

Daniel horowitz represented dr rebecca parish clearing her name after accusations against the stanley vaccine clinic
article about physician lawyer horowitz in the san francisco chronicle describing his achievements as a television and celebrity lawyer
Horowitz Executive Investigative Summary Clears Vaccine Doctor

The Savage Nation

horowitz representing talk show host michael savage of the savage nation as horowitz defends the speech rights of michael savage

Horowitz in the News: Daniel Horowitz (the lawyer, not Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review !) Represents Michael Savage (Host of “The Savage Nation”) against censorship by corporate interests. Click on Photo to read the article in the Washington Times.