Ryan Bucsi, Mr. Bucsi, Senior Litigation Analyst with Opthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (OMIC) has posted an article that reads in part:

“Most physicians are not properly trained to respond to medical board inquiries and investigations in a manner that benefits their position. The initial letter from a state medical board may seem like a harmless request for records or information on a patient; however, your initial response is vitally important and may determine whether the board proceeds with an investigation or dismisses the complaint. Significantly, medical board or licensure actions can result in suspension of your medical license, thus making these cases far more risky than a medical malpractice case.

He details the many dangers of self representation and informs OMIC’s physicians that their malpractice coverage includes coverage for medical board inquiries.

Read his entire article HERE

The OMIC article makes sense. The California Medical Board has made it clear that if they are reaching out to you it is because “the Board believes there may be
evidence to show that a violation of the law has occurred.” (Click Here for More)

Most physician insurance companies in California provide coverage for medical board actions. We have worked with companies such as MIEC and have found that they not only pay for medical board defense (to the policy limit of course) but are truly caring and involved in protecting you.

The Horowitz Law office has over 40 years experience representing doctors in medical board cases. We can help you obtain support from your insurance carrier and respond appropriately to the board.

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