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A Criminal Defense Specialist (Board Certified)

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Daniel Horowitz is Board Certified as a criminal defense specialist. Most criminal defense attorneys claim to be “expert” or “experienced” but they fall short of being a SPECIALIST. The State Bar of California regulates that term through the Board of Legal Specialization. The lawful use of the term SPECIALIST is reserved to only about 300 lawyers in the entire State of California. There are about 163,000 lawyers in California.

To be a Board Certified Specialist the attorney must first meet practice requirements. The years of trial and courtroom experience required to even apply separate those qualified to apply for certification from the vast majority of “criminal defense lawyers”.

The applicant must then undergo peer and judicial review to qualify for the final step. The final step is a complex and difficult examination. Daniel Horowitz passed the bar exam and the specialist exam the first time. He now trains applicants in preparation for this examination.

Once certified the specialist has enhanced continuing education requirements in order to maintain board certification. Daniel Horowitz has been a certified specialist for over 25 years.


Many physicians are charged with relatively small crimes that can have large impacts on careers. Domestic violence, drug possession, DUI’s (drunk driving) and low level sexual misconduct cases can lead both to criminal charges and license investigations. The impact of these charges on a physician are far more extreme than with almost any other profession. We address this imbalance and protect you with the best defense possible.

Small – medium and individual medical practices are facing increasing scrutiny by state and federal prosecutors. Insurance companies prefer large medical groups so that their payment and practice controls can be effectuated quickly and consistently. It is a form of corporate control of medicine based upon reimbursement. These same insurance companies often fund state prosecutor insurance fraud units. Criminal charges are the hammer used to bring independent practices in line. These white collar charges are devastating to a practice.


The common business and practice related criminal charges brought against doctors are:

Medicare Fraud, Medicaid Fraud
Tax Fraud
Tax Evasion
DEA drug charges involving opiates
Stark and AKS charges (anti kickback statute)
Money Laundering (use of proceeds from other crimes recycled into the unlawful business)
Billing fraud

Daniel Horowitz has major case experience on a state, federal and international level with these types of crimes. He was a member of the original electronic discovery committee for the United States District Court (Northern District of California) for criminal cases. Daniel has defended physicians through trial in state and federal courts on billing fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and many other white collar and practice related crimes.

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Medical board defense is often partially reimbursed by your malpractice insurance carrier. Peer review suspensions and other discipline will trigger a medical inquiry.

Unlike most other professions, even an allegation with little evidence can result in license suspension and the destruction of your reputation.


Peer Review investigations and hearings can proceed with almost unimaginable speed. Negotiations rarely resolve matters in favor of the doctor and our firm focuses on representation where a peer review hearing is necessary to vindicate the physician or at the very least establish a legal basis to challenge an adverse action in the courts. Daniel Horowitz has been lead counsel in literally thousands of evidentiary hearings and hundreds of jury trials.


Nothing will end a career like a criminal conviction but at times the law is extreme and unfair. Small violations get blown out of proportion. Business disputes become tactically criminalized. Our group of associated independent attorneys has 4 board certified criminal defense specialists experienced in state and federal law.


When you are charged with a crime many states have levels of specialization relating to criminal law. While excellent attorneys may choose not to seek the specialization endorsement, it is often a differentiator that a client can consider and trust. The California Board of Legal Specialization requires testing, peer review, judicial approval and extensive continuing education for a Specialist designation. Daniel Horowitz has also been an CLE instructor for attorneys preparing for the specialist exam.

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